In the Fall of 2008, Neal Johnson got together with former bandmate, Jesse Sherman, under the auspices of putting together a new group that would side-step the loud and heavy, guitar-driven rock their previous bands (Bismarck, Bury the Needle) had covered so thoroughly. Inspired by the recent impulse purchase of a used Hammond organ, the modus operandi for the new band became to serve up a mélange of dirgey waltzes, bluesy punk and soul inflected rock. There was a slight hitch: Neither had any idea how to operate a Hammond.

One slow night while working the door at a Boston rock club, Jesse took notice of the girl playing keyboards with the local act up on the stage. Bridget Nault’s playing seemed like an easy fit for the new band, but Jesse’s ears pricked up when he heard her sing. Her smooth, melodic style and powerful delivery would mesh perfectly with the musical ideas he and Neal were incubating.

Over the course of the night, Jesse turned on the charm and foisted the subtle assistance of his employee drink discount to convince Bridget that her talents were being squandered in her current gig. He invited her to come down to the rehearsal space where he and Neal were hatching their ideas. She agreed and later in the week they got together to play. The Hammond was plugged in, amps were fired up and things immediately clicked. Soon Bridget, then a Berklee School of Music student, freed herself of her other extracurricular musical commitments and the three began fleshing out the existing riffs.

As they continued to work up new material, they began to scope around for a guitar player to provide some spacey reverb and country twang to the brew. At a warehouse party they ran into Glenn Smith, a local recording engineer who Jesse and Neal knew through sessions he had recorded for their former bands. They proceeded to relentlessly brow-beat him at every opportunity until he finally agreed to join the group in early 2009.

Suffused with a vintage Rock and Roll flavor, Tired Old Bones draws on their country, blues and garage-rock influences while still managing to drive their original songs in a modern direction. Tired Old Bones is currently stretching their legs, playing shows around Boston and the Northeast. They have released their first 7″ on Skeletonhead Records

Tired Old Bones is:
Bridget Nault – Vocals, Organ
Glenn Smith – Guitar
Neal Johnson – Bass
Jesse Sherman – Drums